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Wipro earthian

Wipro-earthian is Wipro’s Sustainability Education Program which seeks to support and drive sustainability thinking and action by embedding in the learning process in schools and colleges across India. The program completed 5 years in 2015. In 2015-16, we saw very enthusiastic response reflecting in a massive increase in participation numbers, outreach and representation. We achieved wide geographical representation across 21 states, 45 districts and increased our reach to 2,000 schools, 1,500 colleges and 2,200 teachers. This was done by developing new partnerships with six state government bodies and three civil society organizations who played a key role in ground outreach.

Our cumulative outreach was more than 10,000 educational institutes via social media and other digital channels. Fiscal year 2015-16 saw the program being offered in four languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam) and our total submissions have crossed 1,300 which is a threefold increase over the previous year and the highest ever. Nine college and twelve school teams were selected as winners by national jury and felicitated by Mr. Azim Premji at the annual Wipro-earthian awards.

The Continuous Engagement Program (CEP) program aims to promote integrated sustainability education in schools and colleges and to co-create educational practices within institutions that leads to sustainability action and thinking. In colleges, the CEP was driven by a few key initiatives such as our Sustainability Internship program where we facilitated a diverse range of sustainability internship opportunities through our partner ecosystem for 10 students from 6 winning colleges. As a first, 2015 also saw the launch of the Wipro-earthian Sustainability quiz where we successfully ran quizzes at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad Confluence festival and the IIM Bangalore Exemius festival where 227 teams and 681 students participated. Two noteworthy initiatives were the launch of the Wipro Sustainability Fellowships at IIM Bangalore as well as the curation of a round table discussion on sustainability education which was attended by 60 regional colleges in Orissa.

As a part of our strategic collaboration with XUB, Bhubaneshwar we also facilitated a one month sustainability discovery program across India for six students from the PG program at the Xavier School of Sustainability. The CEP program in schools focused on curricular intervention- where we developed a unique sustainability curriculum for Wipro-earthian schools which is being piloted in 9 schools across India.