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Sustainability Inspired Solutions

Wipro, over the past few years, has built a portfolio of leading IT enabled sustainability solutions for our customers. The strengths of our positioning come from decades of working with partners and customers to understand stakeholder needs – and placing it in the context of a larger common purpose of providing ‘sustainability’ inspired solutions.

Wipro EcoEnergy

Wipro EcoEnergy, the clean tech business unit of Wipro Limited offers Enterprise wide Energy Management Services to help customers reduce their energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve the efficiency in energy operations.

The value proposition of EcoEnergy is to help its customers achieve 6% – 18% of effective cost savings through reduced consumption, optimized operations, monitoring and maintenance over a multi-year engagement.

Cloud & Virtualization Services

Wipro offers a cloud services portfolio which includes cloud infrastructure, business applications and processes. These services are designed to optimize, scale, manage and outsource customer’s IT resources thus helping them achieve efficiency and control costs and bring down upfront investments.

One of the key virtualization solutions of Wipro is VirtuaDesk™ which is a Desktop as a Service offering for the virtual workplace, enabled through desktop virtualization technology. Taking advantage of cloud architecture principles and technologies, VirtuaDesk offers a high performing and cost-efficient solution for delivering virtual desktops and applications with key benefits of rapid virtualization deployment, increased business agility and improved risk management.

Industry Focus

The section below illustrates how ICT solutions are being applied to the more resource intensive sectors like oil and gas companies, automotive and manufacturing sectors.


Wipro supports its automotive industry customers in achieving their sustainability goals through an innovative solution called EcoMeter Connect solution (US patent applied) which supports various stakeholders involved in the emission reduction business. This solution which is offered as a part of Connected Car platform is an innovative and cost effective way of tackling emission reductions and fuel-efficiency improvements.

Wipro's EcoMeter Connect solution has the potential to improve fuel efficiency, reduce Co2e emissions, reinforce green driving and meet regulatory requirements. The solution captures information related to driving behavior that has an impact on eco parameters in terms of higher emissions or fuel consumption and the data is processed using Telematics Control Unit to estimate the Eco-Index. Driving behavior related data is sent to the back-end server, which runs an analytics engine to derive intelligence from the trip, and carry out multiple projections, comparisons and recommendations. The cloud-hosted server ensures that the users could use this application based on their needs and the pricing is based on a cost-effective model.


Wipro offers a unique suite of Sustainability and Energy Management applications to manufacturing industry clients which helps them track real-time consumption, perform higher asset utilization and predict energy consumption patterns.

Energy, Utilities & Natural Resources

Wipro offers environment centric solutions to energy, utilities and natural resources industries with focus on environment, health and safety. These integrated solutions are designed to help customers meet legal and regulatory requirements; reduce carbon footprints and hazardous emissions; efficiently manage water and waste; improve occupational Health Safety, process and asset safety; and reduce risks to employees, proximate communities and environment. The services portfolio includes the following.

  • Sustainability/Global Reporting Initiative(GRI)/Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting
  • Carbon Management
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) solution implementation
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Data Management and Managed Services
  • Incident/accident Reporting and Regulatory Compliance
  • Occupational Health and Medical Service Reporting
  • Hazardous and E-waste inventory, disposal and reporting

Understanding the specific need of industry in the context of dramatically increasing operating costs, Wipro offers an Energy Management platform together with a robust analytics framework to provide energy saving which could help in better control of energy consumption. The offerings include: