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Social Programs Expenditure

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Expenditure CSR spend as disclosed in Director’s Report of Annual Report 2015-16 is Rs. 1598 Mn. Of this, Rs. 1108.15 Mn. is spent on programs related to the above mentioned domains.

Refer to 94 - 95 of our Annual Report FY 2015-16 for more information on CSR spend.


The review of our social programs is done at multiple levels. Every three to four years, the program strategy is reviewed with the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), and revised as needed. Every year, an annual review and goal setting exercise is done with the CSO and presented to the Chairman and Group Executive Council (GEC). Every quarter, the progress is reviewed by the Chairman as well as to the Board Committee on CSR.

Our work with organizations is usually in the nature of programmatic support. They typically span a period of three years and may be extended further, if needed. We work closely with our partners and review the progress and participate in important decisions along with them during the lifecycle of the project. However, our fundamental philosophy is to leave it to our partners to design and run their programs as they deem appropriate since they know best.