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Prioritization of Material Issues

The sustainability context of each of the issues or dimensions identified was detailed so as to understand their materiality to our business and industry. Following this, a prioritization exercise was undertaken by looking at the intrinsic worth of each issue as well as its relative priority. The stakeholder’s feedback was also taken into account by incorporating their ratings for each of these dimension against four criteria of 1) Relevance to Wipro’s business operations; 2) Relevance to stakeholders; 3) Impact; and 4) Time horizon of impact.

This consultation process conducted in 2014-15 was part of materiality recalibration exercise and we have covered our senior leadership, employees and experts in the field of sustainability. We had involved participation from 12 of our senior leaders and 35 employees through email based questionnaires and social media. In addition, about 11 experts from academia and industry also provided their feedback. We also considered inputs from investors and customer gathered through different engagement exercises and the above exercise provided important insights into our stakeholders’ priorities, concerns and expectations from the company.