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Comprehensive Benefits and Rewards

Wipro’s compensation and benefits program takes an integrated approach and provides a range of options for better financial and social security including tax-managing options, insurance and medical packages, assistance in managing financial and personal issues, retirals, etc. Our programs are reviewed intermittently to ensure relevance to today’s changing workforce and mirrors the latest industry offerings, based on the region’s local regulations / laws and norms. Allowances and benefits are further customized for employees who travel outside their home country for short-term project deputation, to suit immediate financial / settling-in needs.

Standard benefits like leave plans, insurance, retirals (contribution to / provision of retirement plans / superannuation schemes in accordance with local laws and industry practices) and other emoluments are provided to our full-time and fixed-term employees, based on the country of operation and law of land.

Our benefits and rewards programs are customized as per local regulations, expectations and norm and range from assistance in money management, performance and behavioural based rewards, time-off/work-life balance related benefits, medical and insurance options and retirals.

The compensation and benefits programs available in each geography are outlined in detailed policy documents and are available to all employees on the company intranet. In order to familiarize the human resources teams on the compensation philosophy and benefits across geographies and empower them to answer employee queries, an in-house Compensation and Benefits (C and B) certification program is held every year in multiple batches. The program consists of a workshop facilitated by Wipro’s C and B experts and is followed by an exit test which leads to the certification. Additionally, organizational / business-unit level sessions are also held to create awareness amongst employees through avenues like HR-facilitated workshops, chat sessions, webinars, teleconferencing and mailers.

The table summarizes the range of benefits offered to our employees. While several of these benefits are available to full-time employees globally, the applicability of individual programs depends upon the country of operation. Expats in select countries like Nigeria, middle-east, Latin America etcetera and or/non-English speaking countries also receive benefits like assistance for children’s education, assistance to visit home country etc.

Financial Assistance/Benefits Rewarding Performance and Behavior Work-life balance Medical and Insurance Benefits
Tax-saving / customizable salary components. Winner’s Circle, our points based rewards platform for top-down and peer-to-peer recognition was revamped. Locally curated catalogue with over 5 million products globally for employees to redeem their points. Leave options like maternity, paternity, extended maternity, annual leave, sick leave, adoption leave, leave without pay. Health and Life insurance options provided even where not mandated by law / not provided by local government. Along with employees, option to enroll family members may also be provided.
Availability of detailed statements on earnings, deductions, benefits etc. for better planning and analysis. Customized business unit rewards and recognition mechanisms. Sabbatical leave program (unpaid study leave for maximum 2 years). Disability / income protection / continuity of salary for specified durations when on disability covered under insurance policies.
Interest free loans / salary advance for defined purposes and emergency requirements. Along with performance, behaviors like collaboration, teamwork, etc. are recognized and rewarded. Half-day half-pay working arrangements on-review basis. Group personal accident insurance, survivor benefit program may also be provided.
Forex advance / settling allowances for employees on deputation Reasonable accommodation policy was extended to all employees in to request work-place / work-time / dress code adjustments. Option of Top Up insurance Covers at negotiated price.
Retirement Saving Scheme(s) to help employees plan and invest for their retirement
Wipro Advantage – An online, in-house shopping portal providing employees with special price tie-ups for various products, lifestyle, health and financial categories. The portal has an enrolment of 59,000 employees since inception